Nicholas Falk

Dr Nicholas Falk, BA MBA Hon FRIBA, the founder director of URBED (Urban and Economic Development) is an economist, urbanist and strategic planner, with degrees from Oxford, Stanford and the London School of Economics. He has over 30 years experience of helping towns and cities plan and deliver urban regeneration and sustainable growth. Successes include converting old buildings into managed workspace in inner London,  revitalising Birmingham City Centre through the Highbury Initiative, and developing the visions for the Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)  in Paddington and Bankside. He is currently advising the joint venture between Oxford City Council and Grosvenor Developments on an urban extension to Oxford, and previously produced the Cambridgeshire Quality Charter for Growth.

 He is a frequent speaker at conferences, and co author of a range of publications including Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood: building the 21st century home with David Rudlin (Architectural Press 2009), Regeneration in European Cities: making connections (JRF 2008), and How can local government build sustainable urban neighbourhoods? (JRF 2012).  He has undertaken pioneering research into lessons from European experience in building new communities and  urban regeneration, and his latest report for the TEN Group of leading planners is on Learning from Paris. He is a Visiting Professor at the University of the West of England.

2 thoughts on “About Nicholas Falk

  1. Came back to our last contact Nick when clearing up this morning and found “Think small: enterprise and the economy” Fabian tract 453, January 1978!! And I see there was also “Towards a worker managed economy” with Jeremy Bray…so you were really a very active Fabian the. Are you still?.

    • Thanks Des, and I am still a member, but rather disheartened by their lack of radicalism.

      I attach a blog I did for their web site, but which has not stimulated any responses so far as I am aware.


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