Cycling safely around Copenhagen with transport planners and engineers from West London (and the Danish Cycling Embassy)  in the rain and twilight on smooth cycle ways  contrasted with a return ride over potholed roads where you fight for your life. Copenhagen has got its priorities right in giving cyclists precedence over cars, and as a result is winning international acclaim as one of the best places to live and work. The resulting living suburbs symposium was an extremely successful event and drew a large audience to the Building Centre.

URBED’s report draws on my direct experience, and the invaluable  help given to us by people in Copenhagen and the Danish Embassy in London. As a keen follower of TV series like Borgen, I am impressed by what small countries can achieve when they give priority to environmental issues.




One thought on “Postcard from Copenhagen

  1. My first visit to your site – and yes, Copenhagen is good for cycling – and indeed there are excellent cycling facilities (sometimes even grade separated) throughout Denmark – and yes, the cyclist has priority at roundabouts, etc. Having said all that it can be disconcerting when a great Dane passes you at 30 mph on the same track! In Germany I’ve been told off for cycling on a well designed dedicated cycle track – but on the wrong side of the road

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